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USB 3.0 - 3.2 and SSD speed or what the hell is going on here (en)

Hi friends!

You have just bought a leptop or PC that supports USB 3.0-3.2 (blue color of USB ) and an External Drive case with USB 3.0-3.2 for your external SSD and decided that you would taste the speed, power and all other benefits of the latest technologies?

You have just plugged-in your external SSD and started copying files from/to your PC/laptop and enjoying of the process thinking that 50MBytes per second is the maximum of all of that?

But just do a simple calculations in your head or just think/google about that USB 3.0-3.2 and SSD - supports  more than 500 MBytes per second or 10 times faster or should take 6 minutes instead of 1 hour (60 min)?

What? What is wrong?! - you would say

Main issue is in that that Windows (oh wily) turn all these benefits by default in favor to non-safe device ejecting so you would just pull it out and forget about it :)

Yeah-yeah, so you would just pull it out without the "Safely Remove hardware and Eject media"

So would can you do? - there is a way! If you are an advanced user (or just like to get into troubles all the time ;) ) and really want to get most of the all latest technologies along be able to respond for all your doings - then just enable this option (see the screenshot) via Device Properties.

Pay Attention! from now you should always use the "Safely Remove hardware and Eject media"! or you will find yourself with lost or corrupted data.

Thank you for reading :) 

you owe me just a 5 bitcoins - but what the knowledge and I saved you a lot of time! ;)