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Top 1 Anti-spam email filter

Hello friends,

Let's imagine that you need an anti-spam filter for your e-shop email address, for example when users send you emails, comments, etc., and you want to be sure there will be no spam at all (or at least 99%)

There are a lot of different plugins and technics, but I guess they are not so powerful as you need, as well as me.

After a few days thinking about it I came to one idea - what if your email server would be able to send immediate response to sender to confirm he is not a spammer? Sounds great for me, so here are steps on how to do it:

- User or spammer send email to your email inbox

- Top 1 anti-spam filter gets every email, moves it into lets say "Waiting Approval" folder and sends an immediate email in response with unique URL for confirmation

- If that was an email from a real user he will get the email and navigate to the URL(spammer will not I guess)

- The URL will be a simple page with Google CAPTCHA (server-side validation of course) and confirmation button + the unique id

- Clicking the confirmation button will confirm humanity and move the original email back to inbox folder so you would see you have a humanity-confirmed new email

That's it. What do you think?

Thank you and see you later ;)