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Windows Mobile set mp3 or wav files as ringtone

Hello friends,

Those of you, use Windows Phone, know that it is a real problem to set any audio file as a ringtone.

My wife had the same problem before I wrote an app for her :)

Yes, I did write the app that allows you to select a folder and any audio file from the selected folder and set it as the ringtone.

So, do not hesitate and lets try it, it is completely free :)

Easy Ringtone

Comments are welcome.

Thank you.


Windows 10 - My First Impression

Hello my friends,

Yesterday I did upgrade my Windows 8.1 x64 up to Windows 10 x64 and want to share my impression.

Here are main points about Windows 10 so far:

- start up takes longer (my win 8.1 did start up in about 3-5 sec)

- singing in takes longer (under win 8.1 it took about 3-5 sec to sing in and get to desktop)

- whole system looks heavier, the Microsoft Edge seems clumsy and buggy - it has crashed a lot of times during two days.

- problem with Visual Studio 2010 ( first problem was about msvcr100.dll after a few hours I managed it by copy-paste msvcr100.dll from VS 2010 installation folder to SysWOW64 but after that I got another problem with VS 2010 SP 1, I was unable to uninstall it completely and it was requiring something like Visual Studio 2010 Shell Isolated ENU and only fix seems fine for me is this )

updated on 08/03/2015

- the most strange thing is UAC screen, today I noticed that Java Update passed my UAC control itself after a few minutes while I was out of my laptop, I think that this is a big security problem.

So my impression so far is about 4 from 5 points, we have one month to roll back windows 10 to previous system,

so I will update this post in the nearest future.

Thank you