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Mouse pointer, audio and video lagging on ASUS R515M (X553MA)

Hello friends,

If you have the ASUS R515M (X553MA) notebook as me and you have mouse, audio and video lagging all the time, then you got to the right place and it is absolutely possible that it will help you.

What I have come up is the following - under the Device Manager you will find small thing named "HID-compliant wireless radio controls" device:

I don't know what is it for and have just DISABLED it. 

Reboot your notebook and after that everything should work well. In my case it has fixed mouse pointer lagging, audio lagging and video lagging.

Thank you :)


Moving mouse makes video lagging - Windows 10

Hi friends,

have you noticed that, if you have windows 10 and Intel graphics chip, moving mouse over video or just moving mouse makes video lagging in a web video player?

I have Intel processor with built-in video card and I have noticed this problem. To solve it you need to do two simple steps under the Intel HD Graphics control panel:

- maximize performance on the plugged in mode

- maximize performance and disable power setting for the on-battery mode

more over, after I disabled it all I have noticed that YouTube video player started to work great in the full-screen (before this it didn't show video in full-screen mode) mode and whole laptop performance has been increased.

Enjoy it :)