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Drive C, Free space and Intel Driver Update Utility

Hello there,

Have not posted new articles for a long time and this is the next useful post about Drive C:, Free Space and Intel Driver Update Utility.

I was trying to free a little bit more space on my 128GB drive C: because of almost all space had been etan and 5GB left.

As always I started from the Windows folder and my impression was that it occupied 25GB from 128GB only!

Huh! Interesting. I had started digging dipper and found that ProgramData->Intel folder occupied 35GB!!! 

35GB!!! for what?

Actually I figured out that Intel Driver Update Utility stored some data files there with no really useful reason.

So the solution is to Uninstall this Intel Driver Update Utility and it automatically frees the space.

(or you can just delete the .etl files)

Here you are - free 35GB of space on drive C: :)

Not only Windows likes eating  ;)

Have a good day!