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3T - Time Tracker for Trello

Hello friends,

If you use Trello as project management tool then you know how good it is and really simple and useful.

I use it as well and really appreciate it. I do like it because of it is really simple, clear and powerful at the same time.

As me, you just need some time tracking tool and reporting tool to be able to track everything and monitor workload in real time.

There is already such web application that I use and recommend it to you - this is the 3T - Trello Time Tracker 

It will show you currently in progress tasks, will track time spent for each task and provide you with excel reports.

Here is a quick guide on how to use it:

Step 1

Go to the 3T website and sign-up with your Trello account. 3T counts the time spent for any card in the Doing/Current/Working/Ongoing list for the developer/team-member that has dropped it onto the list. 

There is no difference who dragged out it.

Step 2

Authorize our application to let it be with your boards. Depending on the boards and organizations workload you have, it will be ready in a while.

Step 3

Track your boards and organizations automatically. 3T will synchronize all organizations and boards for you automatically.

Step 4

Just use Trello as usual – create boards, cards, and teams as you like, drag-and-drop lists when you need. 

The run-time for cards in your lists will be tracked by our app. The time will be tracked for board and list, and card, and for member who dragged and dropped the card into the Doing/Current/Working/Ongoing list.

Step 5

Head over to the Timesheet page to see your time sheets and generate excel reports for it.

Hope it will help you and provide everything you need to manage and track your projects.

Thank you and see you soon ;)