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Orange Pi 3 and Ubuntu

Hello fiends,

Let me share my experience with Orange Pi 3 and Ubuntu installation. It sounds like nothing special and easy but finally it is not so easy as it sounds.

Orange Pi 3 is single-board computer based on H6 Quad-core 64-bit 1.8GHZ ARM Cortex™-A53 and high-performance multi-core GPU Mali T720.

At writing time there is no good or official GPU driver for Ubuntu and this is a little bit sad if you really need it but it is still working well, ok it is just working and this is good as well :)

So lets start. We will need the single-board PC, Ubuntu build from the supplier website (I will use Ubuntu Desktop with EMMC linux 4.9 v1.3 image)

To be able to boot anything other than the pre-installed Android media you need to flash an image to an SD Card and boot from the SD card. To flash SD Card you need to download and use the following app balenaEtcher . Run it, select the unzipped image and click the write button.

Now it is time for booting from the SD card so just insert the SD Card into the SD card socket and turn on your orange board.

After that you will see sign-in screen and there is default password: orangepi

Next step is to extend your root file system size and add 1 GB swap file at least:
git clone
cd installSwapfile
#modify the .sh file and put your own required size - it is 6 GB by default

In my case I always had problems with locales so I had to run the following:

> export LC_ALL="C"
> sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

Now everything is ready and if you have EMMC and want to overwrite the android os and put Ubuntu and boot from EMMC instead of SD Card then you just need to run the following script:

Seems that's all

Thank you and see you soon ;)


Do you want to be best software developer?

Hi everyone,

I'm going to share two simple things you need to know to be one of the best software developers.

Really two things and they are very simple:

- You must know English language at least;

- You must understand hardware, bits, bytes and bit operations;

To be honest, one more and very useful thing is Math, thats all what you need.

Huh, seems not too much but not too little.

Lets go through all of this step by step, I will post articles here with everything you have to go through to get success.

Thank you, and be patient ;)